ChangeMakers Partners is a resource for organizations facing challenges to advancing their mission.   We partner with organizational leaders to identify and implement specific, strategic changes that alleviate roadblocks and put organizations’ strengths to more effective use.    Our services include system assessment and intervention, strategy development; and solutions to address program replication, participation and enrollment.

We dig deeply to identify what is keeping the organization from achieving the outcomes it wants to achieve.   We work with people in the organization to seek out and understand the clear, as well as surprising and unseen, dynamics that will amplify or challenge impact.

A mission-driven consulting practice.

Our client organizations and institutions create ways for people and the planet to thrive. Our mission is to increase the impact of those organizations.

The CMP Blog explores emerging ideas and strategies for increasing the impact of mission-driven organizations.    

The Institute for Emancipatory Change, a not-for-profit project of CMP, explores emancipatory change as an emerging paradigm for social and organizational change, and disseminates practical, accessible tools for emancipatory systems change.

Lead Partners And Associates

Our lead partners and associates are experienced and committed change-leaders, with a diverse array of skills and backgrounds.  We are committed to contributing to emerging understanding about how to facilitate change in organizations dedicated to social change.

Lead Partners

Lucinda Garthwaite 

 Lucinda Garthwaite is an accomplished strategist with deep experience in higher education, non-profits and organizational systems. As a leader, speaker, advocate, and consultant, her focus is on emancipatory social and organizational change, especially the wellbeing and impact of mission-driven organizations. 

Lucinda serves on the board of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, where she was Academic Dean, Co-Director of the individualized undergraduate program, and a member of the faculty.  She is also a founding board member of Teachers’ House, a non-profit devoted to supporting teachers as a force for social change.   Lucinda holds a Doctorate in Leadership for Change from Fielding Graduate University, as well as a Masters in Education from the University of New Hampshire, and an MFA in Creative writing from Goddard College.

Daniel Sewell 

Daniel Sewell brings over twenty five years of experience in leadership in higher education and business to his work with ChangeMakers Partners.  His professional journey has combined scholarship, practice, teaching, and leadership in traditional and non-traditional academic settings as well as management, research and development in business settings.

 As a senior leader at several universities, Dan has lead the development of significant growth in funding, enrollment and programs. He is co-founder of the Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment (WNGE), a global network of social activists and researchers committed to gender equality and improving the status of women, and serves the WASC Senior College and University Commission as a member of the Substantive Change Review Panel.  Dan  holds a doctorate in psychology from Emory University, and a masters in psychology from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.


Lyn Chamberlin

Lyn Chamberlin is the Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Sarah Lawrence College.  In her wide-ranging career, Lyn has drawn from a wide variety of tools and experiences in public relations, communications, and marketing to help institutional brands in support of strategic institutional goals. After starting her career as a television producer at the NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C., Lyn spent the next 15 years in television in Washington, New York, and Boston, and won an EMMY for her series, Women in the Arts. She was subsequently Director of Communications at Harvard University, Director of Business Development at MIT, Vice President for External Affairs at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and spent 10 years as a successful brand and digital marketing consultant, where she created brand, content, digital, social, integrated media, community building, and audience engagement strategies for nonprofits, startups, and retail. Lyn is a graduate of Columbia University and holds a Master of Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Ann Driscoll 

Ann Driscoll brings twenty-five years of experience working in the areas of organizational development, executive coaching, leadership/management training, education, and group facilitation in the public, private and social sectors. Her areas of expertise include maximizing individual, team, community, and organizational capacities; creating cultures of collaboration; helping groups strategically forge their futures; and co-enacting high impact whole systems change.  Ann holds a Doctorate in Applied Behavioral Science (with a dual focus in Organizational Development and Social Justice Education) from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a Masters of Science for Teachers from the University of New Hampshire.  She has also completed a graduate certificate in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College and has been awarded an Advanced Practitioner designation in the areas of Mediation and Conflict Intervention from the national Association for Conflict Resolution.

Julie Kaija Martin

Julie Martin has lead institutional advancement in non-profits and higher education for over thirty years, including as chief advancement officer at Saybrook University, Goddard College, and Shambhala International.   With experience at all levels in resource development, marketing, communications, alumni relations, enrollment management, program development and delivery, she is clear about starting from where we are, and developing broad agreement about future directions and best ways to go there.  Her particular interest is in working with small and mid-sized organizations to creatively maximize their resources as they look to a future that will require new ways of working.  Julie is a graduate of the University of Vermont, and holds a Masters of Education from Castleton State College, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Sustainable Business and Communities at Goddard College

Elissa Perry

 Elissa Perry is  an artist, author and social justice innovator.  For over 20 years,  Elissa has worked as a staff leader, consultant, teacher, and  coach with individuals, organizations and initiatives in the areas  of leadership, education and the arts.  In Leadership Studies,  she facilitates diverse, cross-sector and multi-issue learning  communities in developing and implementing leadership plans  and practices.  She is on the faculty of Saint Mary's College, teaching leadership theory, social  movements, and the future of leadership.  Elissa is also a senior  consultant for the Washington DC-based Management  Assistance Group, an organization that works to strengthen visionary social justice movements, organizations, leadership, and networks to create a more just world.  Elissa brings a deep perspective on leadership, power and privilege, in the non-profit  industry, the arts, and in social justice movements; and has extensive experience in using frames such as systems thinking, values-based development and complexity thinking to understand and develop leadership.