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Current Projects

Liberatory Organizations

CMP Lead Partners Lucinda Garthwaite and Daniel Sewell are exploring the notion of the liberatory possibilities of organizations as significant participants in social systems. This investigation considers social systems change theory, non-violence theory and practice, managerialism, social justice and critical management studies along with other emerging thinking. We report on emerging insights from this project in the CMP Blog, and will publish full results by the end of 2019.

Equity Scholar in Residence Pilot: Increasing a Climate of Equity in a Public Middle-high school

In a partnership with a rural New England Middle-High school, ChangeMakers Partners is piloting a unique intervention directed toward increasing a climate of equity by embedding an equity scholar into the system during the whole of each school day for an entire school year. Working closely and collaboratively with school leaders, teachers and counselors, the Equity Scholar will provide both proactive and in-the-moment responsive education and coaching for staff and students. ChangeMakers Partners will assess the impact of this project on school climate, and publish results in summer-fall 2020.

What We Know: Understanding the Wisdom in Multi-Racial Families

CMP Lead Partner Lucinda Garthwaite and Associate Shelley Vermilya have partnered with Karena Montag of Stronghold to investigate the phenomenon of multi-racial families balancing the fact of racism with the myth of race, both transcending race and living with racism in their daily lives. What can that experience teach about the essential task of social reconciliation around race and racism in communities and organizations? The results of this research will be available in late 2019 or early 2020.

Untangling Organizations

CMP associates Kathy Tiner, Szabi Ishtai-Zee, and Lenneal Henderson along with partner Daniel Sewell and Lead Partner Lucinda Garthwaite have been investigating the phenomenon of tangled organizations since early 2016.  In our working understanding, a tangled organization is stuck, not moving forward, over-focused on itself rather than its outcomes; people experience ongoing distress and a sense of urgency, often increasing feelings of distrust, frustration, and despair;  things “keep not working right,” and repeated efforts to change are unsuccessful.  The Tangle Project seeks to understand how organizations get tangled, and how they successfully untangle.  Their investigation is ongoing; insights are published occasionally in the CMP Blog. See the CMP Blog Series about Process Constrained Change for some early insights.


Personal Practice for Emancipatory Systems Change

Lead partner Lucinda Garthwaite completed a study in 2014 focused on identifying ways that individuals could adjust their  behavior to effect emancipatory [Liberatory] organizational systems change.  Her findings were published in a monograph, Leadership for Social Change: A Cultural Perspective (2015). To download a PDF of the 2015 monograph article, "Personal Practices for Emancipatory Systems Change," click here.