Our strength …

is identifying opportunities for change beyond conventional approaches, and developing creative strategies, interventions and solutions that lead to increased impact for client organizations.

  • Strategic Planning and Intervention

 CMP collaborates with clients to develop strategic plans, and identify decisions and actions to increase organizational impact and the durability of its mission. Our planning does not collect dust; it offers clear priorities, guidance and direction to ensure organizational success.

  • Identifying and documenting What Works

CMP applies qualitative research methods to understanding the essential DNA of the structures, programs and services of the organization, and document that understanding in the service of training, messaging or replication.

  • Project Coordination and Fundraising

CMP provides project coordination assistance, identifies financial and consulting resources, creates and monitors project timelines, or provides training, support and coaching for client staff who will undertake those tasks.

  • Executive Consulting

CMP provides individual consulting to senior leaders to support essential systems change and responses to challenging organizational dynamics and social contexts.

  • Higher Education Alignment and Accreditation

Several CMP associates specialize in assuring that emerging and changing higher education institutions are aligned with institutional values and standards of accreditation, and prepared for success in achieving their impact in the field.