We approach each new client and each new project with focused attention and curiosity, developing a deep understanding of challenges, strengths and resources. Then we bring together the team that will best address our clients’ challenges.

We know we have succeeded when our client organizations overcome challenges to advancing their mission.  Systems and relationships work more effectively; a way forward is clear; resources are secure; policies, structures and practices are in place and working.  

A whole-systems approach

Dynamics that underlie challenges to advancing mission can be found throughout organizational systems.  Often, powerful opportunities for change are overlooked in favor of conventional or limited perspectives.  

Our strength is identifying and understanding  opportunities for change, and developing creative strategies, interventions and solutions that lead to increased impact.

  • Strategy development

 CMP develops strategies that do not gather dust. We collaborate with clients to  create practical strategies and well-defined, measurable outcomes achievable in a time-frame that works for the organization. We have particular interest and expertise in developing strategies for replication and expansion for non-profit and higher education organizations.

  • Systems intervention

We identify areas and dynamics in the organization that, if changed, could have a far-reaching, positive impact on organizational well-being and effectiveness.   Systems interventions may include activities as concrete as policy and process changes, as careful as mitigating long-standing conflicts or addressing team effectiveness, and as complex as facilitating the development of a sharper mission, outcomes and outcome measurement.  

  • Materials and Processes to Expand or Strengthen Impact

CMP applies qualitative research methods to understanding the essential DNA of the structures, programs and services of the organization.  Once we understand the DNA, we create materials, resources and processes to facilitate strengthened impact, or successful replication and other scaling strategies.

  • Participation and enrollment solutions

Our approach to developing these solutions rests on our belief that participation and enrollment is affected by all parts of the organization.  The solutions we develop assure that the whole system is turned to the work of creating levels of participation or enrollment that are strategically sound for the organization.

  • Compassionate Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

CMP has developed an approach to social diversity and inclusion challenges that begins with an assumption of goodwill, and compassion for individuals and groups with complex experiences of a diverse and changing social fabric.  We create unique interventions designed to encourage durable systemic change that supports positive employee experience and increased achievement of organizational mission.