No small thing...

--Lucinda Garthwaite and Daniel Sewell, CMP Founders and Lead Partners

In memory of the victims of the Charleston murders remembered by their church as The Emmanuel Nine , we renew our commitment to use the platform of our work, including this blog, to support the full humanity of all people.  

We stand with the many this past week, including many loved ones of the Emmanuel Nine, who have expressed their commitment to nonviolent social change.  We’re grateful to be among the many organizations taking this stand.

Organizations make up an increasing portion of US society; organizational leaders in all sectors have an opportunity to plant their mission firmly on anti-racist ground,  not only with words but with tangible changes and hard choices.

Today we are barely stepping out of our grief, and our initial impulse to say simply, no: we will not accede to the terror of hate.  Tomorrow, we can apply the creative minds that make our organizations a success to amplify that response.  

As a first step, we’ve challenged ourselves at ChangeMakers Partners to consciously dedicate a portion of our work every week to contributing to this movement.  We wonder, what would happen if every organization in the US were to dedicate some of their creative resources, as an ongoing habit, to eradicating racism?  

This would not be easy work, but imagine the possibilities.