Welcome To ChangeMakers Partners


-Lucinda Garthwaite and Daniel Sewell, CMP Founders and Lead Partners

Every new endeavor has a story. Our story began when Dan was the Provost at Saybrook University, and Lucinda joined Saybrook leadership as a consultant for strategic planning and enrollment.  As we collaborated over the course of three years on many successful, systems-based initiatives, we found that our skills and experiences complemented each other beautifully. We learned together, and from each other. We laughed a lot.   We reveled in our effectiveness as a team, and in our collaborations with colleagues who could fill in where our skills and perspectives left off.

Most importantly, we shared a commitment to inclusivity, to justice in the workplace as well as the world, to ensuring that our work supported opportunities for people and planet to flourish.  We came to understand those kinds of opportunities as emancipatory, and we developed a shared insistence that our work be in the service of emancipatory social and organizational change.

So it wasn’t much of a leap to decide to create a mission-driven consulting practice, one that would partner with emancipatory change-making organizations across sectors to increase the impact of their work.

Each of us had become adept at identifying the dynamics that limit impact, and at developing creative ways to overcome those limiting dynamics.  That became the focus of our practice.    

The form and model of our practice is an extension of our shared love of and belief in collaboration. CMP associates are colleagues we know well and enjoy working with.  With them in the wings, we’re confident that we can successfully address our mission and clients’ needs.

It’s not a very complicated story:  Lucinda and Dan discovered a warm and effective working relationship, and a shared commitment to positive social change that was central to both of our lives.   Between us, we understood that we had something unique to offer to the work of increasing the impact of non-profits, educational institutions and businesses founded in determination for social change.  So ChangeMakers Partners was born.

We have always learned from our work. This blog will be the record of lessons already learned, and things we learn as we pursue our mission and join others in similar work.  The blog will feature stories, ideas and resources to support change-making organizations as they seek to increase their impact – to grow and replicate programs, to add participants, increase enrollment, bring their message to a larger audience.  We hope you’ll follow the blog, and add your comments as we go.

The other day one of us was asked what CMP does.   Just give me the simple answer, said the questioner. The simple answer?  We solve problems. But not just any problems.  We started this practice as a contribution to social and organizational change that takes us in an emancipatory direction.  In a world deeply in need of change, and rich with the possibility of it, we solve the problems that stand in its way.  We can imagine no better way to spend our time.